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The First Step

Welcome to our office! We look forward to answering many of your questions on the first visit. We call this visit the examination.

Dr. Denison will examine you and summarize the answers to the following questions:

  1. Is there an orthodontic problem?
  2. If so, what is it?
  3. Can it be corrected?
  4. When should it be corrected?
  5. How long will it take to correct it?
  6. How much will you have to invest to correct it?

Obviously, on the basis of a chairside examination, only highlights can be assessed. What will happen after the first visit?

The Second Step

Depending on the answers to the above questions, Dr. Denison will advise one of the following procedures for the next step:

  1. No treatment is indicated.
  2. Full records. Treatment is needed now! Therefore, a complete diagnosis is necessary, utilizing full-mouth x-rays. an x-ray of the jaw bone, photographs of the face and teeth, and plaster models of the teeth.

Our records/diagnosis fee is $300.00 and it is due the day records are taken in our office. An additional fee will be charged if any extra or unusual radiographs of the head or jaw joint are required.

  1. Diagnostic Records - impressions, wax bites, and laboratory costs involved in producing the models. Film and developing costs for photographs and radiographs.
  2. Doctor's work-up - time spent evaluating the photographs, X'rays, and models. Diagnosing the problems and determining the best course of treatment.
  3. Consultation - time spent by the doctor and staff in presenting the diagnosis and treatment to the patient.
  4. Communication - time spent with phone calls and letters to the patient's dentist, physician, etc.
  5. Records preparation - administrative time and materials in preparing charts, ledgers. etc.

The Third Step

If treatment is advised now, all the records will be carefully analyzed by Doctor Denison and presented to the patient during a telephone or an in-office consultation. Your entire financial investment in orthodontic treatment will be presented and all of your questions concerning treatment will be answered.

We will keep your records in our current file for six months. "The fee quoted and treatment plan described may change if treatment is not started within that time.